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Aspire offers a comprehensive approach to the early identification, prevention and treatment of developmental, emotional and behavioral problems in infants as well as children.











Sensory Integration

Pediatric occupational therapists at Aspire use their sound knowledge and skills on sensory integration during therapy sessions and address the underlying motor or sensory skills that help the children learn new skills with more ease. 

Fine Motor Skills

Occupational therapists at Aspire specialize in treating children with fine motor delay using the evidence-based treatment and the latest approaches.

Gross Motor Skills

We help children develop gross motor skills that are vital to help them perform everyday functions, run, walk and play.

Visual Perception

Here at Aspire, we have the resources and environment to provide programs and developmentally appropriate treatments to help your child develop motor and visual perceptual skills to promote optimal performance.

Memory Issues

Explore effective therapy sessions we offer to improve memory retention in your children and hence reduce their forgetfulness and improve their memory retention , making them brighter.

Handwritting Issues

If your child has difficulty in forming letters, properly holding a pencil or has sloppy handwriting, they may benefit from our occupational therapy who can train them to improve their handwriting skills which would improve their academic performance at school.

School Readiness

School readiness is necessary as the development of foundational skills allows teachers to help improve further the skills in the specific areas of emotional development, social interaction, literacy, play, fine motor skills, physical skills, and language, and assist children to adequately understand and adapt to the needs of the curriculum.


Play therapy enables children to explore repressed thoughts, experience personal growth, communicate, and address unresolved trauma, and is widely viewed as an important and developmentally appropriate mental health treatment.

Eating Issues

Specialists at Aspire offer cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for children with binge eating disorder and avoidant or restrictive food intake disorder.

Development Delays

We teach each patient’s family how to help their child achieve developmental milestones and challenge their child to explore his or her environment .

Sel-care Issues

Our therapy can often uncover the roots of failure to care for oneself and also develop healthy routines that build coping skills and mindsets that promote resiliency as a child develops. 

Toilet Habits

Sometimes children find it difficult to dress and undress properly which can normally be done for their age, such difficulties are addressed during our physical and occupational therapy sessions.


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Behavior Management

Behavior management therapy sessions Aspire offers aims at reducing unwanted behaviors and reinforce discipline and good manners. 

Most other functional difficulties

We help children with functional difficulties develop social interaction, empathy, communication and improve their overall character. 

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Far far away, behind the word mountains