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Welcome to Aspire - Child Development Centre

We cater to the unique requirements of the children using our proven and internationally recognized treatment methodologies. Moreover, Aspire nurtures a child's brain development during the most crucial years. Our therapists adapt multi-disciplinary approaches to create a collaborative environment between the family, the child, and themselves. Using a wide range of resources, strategies, and stimulating environment, we develop the student's non-verbal and verbal communication abilities.

Occupational Therapy

Our innovative program aims to improve a child’s ability to meaningfully engage in daily occupations.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory systems are gateways of information to and from the brain and body. Our senses make it possible to learn about the world around us.

Speech Therapy

Children with speech and language challenges have difficulty in one or more areas of communication.

Individual Educational Program

Our educational therapist provides specialized tutoring and one-on-one instruction in reading, spelling, fluency, writing, and comprehension using the NILD Approach.


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