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What skills will more significantly impact this child's family unit ?

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We believe every child is intelligent so we care.

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We aim at providing multidisciplinary, evidence-based and family-focused care for children with developmental disabilities, intellectual development disorder and learning disabilities. Our experienced therapists are dedicated to delivering effective child care services and help your wards develop important sensory, motor, behavioral, and thinking skills. We strive to give children the tools to communicate effectively. Moreover, our team assists the children with such conditions to improve their academic skills as well as excel in reading, writing and basic calculations.


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  • We believe every child is intelligent so we care.
  • Therapists make a difference of your child.

Our Services

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help people who have difficulty speaking to communicate better and to break down the barriers that result from speech impediments. The goals of speech therapy include improving pronunciation, strengthening the muscles used in speech, and learning to speak correctly.

Special Education

Special education serves children with emotional, behavioral, or cognitive impairments or with intellectual, hearing, vision, speech, or learning disabilities; gifted children with advanced academic abilities; and children with orthopedic or neurological impairments.

Sensory Integration

Pediatric occupational therapists at Aspire use their sound knowledge and skills on sensory integration during therapy sessions and address the underlying motor or sensory skills that help the children learn new skills with more ease. 

Fine Motor Skills

Occupational therapists at Aspire specialize in treating children with fine motor delay using the evidence-based treatment and the latest approaches.

Gross Motor Skills

We help children develop gross motor skills that are vital to help them perform everyday functions, run, walk and play.

Visual Perception

Here at Aspire, we have the resources and environment to provide programs and developmentally appropriate treatments to help your child develop motor and visual perceptual skills to promote optimal performance.

Memory Issues

Explore effective therapy sessions we offer to improve memory retention in your children and hence reduce their forgetfulness and improve their memory retention , making them brighter.

Handwritting Issues

If your child has difficulty in forming letters, properly holding a pencil or has sloppy handwriting, they may benefit from our occupational therapy who can train them to improve their handwriting skills which would improve their academic performance at school.

School Readiness

School readiness is necessary as the development of foundational skills allows teachers to help improve further the skills in the specific areas of emotional development, social interaction, literacy, play, fine motor skills, physical skills, and language, and assist children to adequately understand and adapt to the needs of the curriculum.


Play therapy enables children to explore repressed thoughts, experience personal growth, communicate, and address unresolved trauma, and is widely viewed as an important and developmentally appropriate mental health treatment.

Eating Issues

Specialists at Aspire offer cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for children with binge eating disorder and avoidant or restrictive food intake disorder.

Development Delays

We teach each patient’s family how to help their child achieve developmental milestones and challenge their child to explore his or her environment .

Sel-care Issues

Our therapy can often uncover the roots of failure to care for oneself and also develop healthy routines that build coping skills and mindsets that promote resiliency as a child develops. 

Toilet Habits

Sometimes children find it difficult to dress and undress properly which can normally be done for their age, such difficulties are addressed during our physical and occupational therapy sessions.


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Behavior Management

Behavior management therapy sessions Aspire offers aims at reducing unwanted behaviors and reinforce discipline and good manners. 

Other Functional Difficulties

We help children with functional difficulties develop social interaction, empathy, communication and improve their overall character. 

Our Therapists

Meet our dedicated team of Doctors, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Audiologists, Special Nursing Teams, and Speech, and Language Therapists. But it also comprises the kids we serve, their families, and our communities.

Aspire Child Development Centre Kochi

Anu John

Aspire Child Development Centre Kochi

Athira KS

Occupational Therapist
Aspire Child Development Centre Kochi

Priya Vijayan

Special Educator
Aspire Child Development Centre Kochi

Arathi Ramesh

Pshycologist,Behavioural Therapist
Aspire Child Development Centre Kochi

Dona Baby

Consultant Speech Language Pathologist

Parents Says

I am very pleased with the experiences and structure of the programs. Aspire has been such a positive experience for my family: emotionally, socially, as well as academically. It truly is like a second home for my daughter where she is comfortable and nurtured at every step of the way. Thank you Aspire. It's not often these days that you come across individuals who care so much about what they do. The program and therapies here are family-oriented. Moreover, the love displayed every day is consistent as my child is greeted with a hug and a kiss.

Child Development Centre in Kochi

had never imagined of being this benefitted from the services being provided by the experts at Aspire. The therapies here are committed and dedicated. Besides, the environment here is devoid of the medical setting feeling, rather it provides a feeling of being at one's home. The staff here are ready to take on extra responsibilities to leverage the quality of services. Also, the therapy sessions are simplified and easy for the child to adopt. The experts in Aspire also prescribed certain therapies for my child to be practiced at home to do away with idleness. Carry on with the good work Aspire

Child Development Centre in Kochi

We are very happy that we have chosen Aspire for my child. He has made friends, and he also enjoys his days at school and we also get the feeling that he is well-liked by the staff, which does wonders for our comfort level and the boy’s enthusiasm for the program. Further, we've also managed to connect with a lot of other parents who have their wards in the programs and we feel a part of a larger community of parents now, so thank you Aspire for that, too. We recommend Aspire a lot to other parents.

Child Development Centre in Kochi
Alex Paul

My son urgently needed a sensory integration therapy and I opted for Aspire. The results were really good and amazingly fast. Although I hesitated to count on Aspire initially, considering it to be just another child care center, I was mistaken. The therapies this institute offered impressed me and lived up to my expectation. My child was facing difficulties in interacting with others and expressing his emotions. Now, all these symptoms have considerably improved and the friendly professionals at Aspire have worked wonders.

Child Development Centre in Kochi

Aspire delivers the classiest child care therapies I have ever seen. Each of the therapists and professionals here treats the children with individuality as well as care. Besides, they take care of the children pretty well. Aspire recommends soothing and effective therapies that yield results in a short time. However, this is one of the best child care centers I have ever come across. Apart from these, it has the best therapists who nurture the mental powers of the child. The overall ambiance is perfect for a child to benefit from the therapies. All these features make the rehabilitation process faster. Aspire is doing a superb job.

Child Development Centre in Kochi

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Role of occupational therapy in mental health

"Medicine adds days to life, Occupational therapy adds life to days". Yes, a well dedicated course of occupational therapy not only improves the life of an individual, it brings colors to his family and society.The practice of occupational therapy is based on the evidence and philosophy that individuals diagnosed with mental health conditions can recover and lead satisfying, productive, and meaningful lives.

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Effectiveness of Sensory integration therapy

Sensory integration helps build the physical and mental framework of an individual’s nervous system to regulate his or her responses, properly perceive sensory input and understand the significance and intentions of any particular movement, texture or sound. Sensory integration therapy, which is provided by occupational therapists, utilizes a set of activities to improve how the brain reacts to sight, touch, movement, and sound.

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Importance of Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is vital in improving the overall communication skills of a child. Speech delay can not only create problems in speech but also in listening, writing and reading too. Children with poor speaking abilities would not be able to communicate properly and for children suffering from autism they find it difficult to articulate words and understand meanings.

About Aspire

Our goals are determined by what is important to each individual child and to their parents.